We are committed to putting sustainability at the core of everything we do.
We believe that our main responsibility is to create modern, timeless and valuable essentials - that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We want you to be proud of your MARIE c. designs. 

What they look like. How they feel and what they are made of. 


Behind each piece of the MARIE c. collections stands a hugely passionate design process.

From the idea, to the core message of the collection, to its movement and form, through the mood-board, sketches, material trials and prototypes. Every design is fitted and maintained on the body and all our prototypes are handcrafted in our studio. 



We carefully select the artisans and small manufacturers we want to work with, because MARIE c. crafts true and honored products made in Germany and Austria.

We develop and produce our collections together with suppliers that not only share our passion to make strong and modern pieces, but are also committed to do so in an ethical way. Our brand is focusing on transparent and responsible sourcing partners to promote fair working conditions in our supply chain. Some of our artisans offer more than 30 years of experience, and we want to use this valuable knowledge for our production and our pieces. 



We take responsibility for prioritizing recycled materials for our designs. We are using recycled gold and silver for our collections. We want to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum. 



Our packaging and our printmedia is made of recycled paper only.  We are doing our best when it comes to protecting our environment and sustainability is a top priority at MARIE c.