Please take good care of your MARIE c. jewellery pieces to maintain their quality and design for a long lasting life. They were passionately designed and hand-crafted with great care and attention to detail and quality. The best thing we can do in treating the things that mean the most to us to us is using them our entire life.

Please handle your new jewellery gently, to maintain its original form without altering its shape or scratching the surfaces. 

When you are not wearing your jewellery please take special care of it. 

While travelling, for example, please make sure to put your Marie c. design in it‘s original packaging or wrap it in a soft material in order to protect it from scratches, exposure to sunlight and moisture. 
It is important that your MARIE c. jewellery is kept away from perfumes, lotions or other chemicals all the time. 
For a long lasting life of your designs we also suggest not to wear it in water. (swimming.showering.bathing.) Chlorine discolors the metal.
At the end of the day, wipe your jewellery gently with a soft cloth before storing it away. Ideally, please put it back into your Marie c. packaging or store it in a dark place. 


If necessary, you can clean your jewellery with warm water and by using mild washing detergent. 

Please only do so if really necessary. Otherwise avoid cleansing. You can also bring your jewellery to a goldsmith to get it cleanded professionally. 


Our products are made of recycled sterling silver and, can oxidize over time by exposure to air and skin substances. Especially if you are not wearing it for a long period of time. In case of heavy oxidation, please use a reducing agent such as a silver polishing cloth or a silver sparkle bath to clean the piece. But please make sure that you use a very soft brush for cleaning to avoid scratches in your MARIE c. jewellery.


Please be aware of the fact that our gold vermeil products are plated. This means that the base is made of sterling silver- plated with a layer of 18 ct gold. We cannot guarantee for the gold layer to be in an impeccable condition for a specific period of time, as it depends on how it is worn and cared for. Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products such as soap or perfume.


When it comes to gold items especially, please use a very soft brush for cleaning because gold scratches really easily. 
Also using a soft cloth afterwards to dry your gold jewelery is really important.